Season 5: The one with Adyasha's first onsite

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In Vegas Bangalore. I was so drunk, I could've married Joey but thank goodness I was okay


Let's rewind to the time when I had the most amazing work experience ever in Bangalore! Back in October 2021, we all interns flew to Bangalore to experience the work-from-office 💼.

It was my first long trip after the pandemic hit and my first aeroplane ride in almost a decade. Excited me to get to see the cockpit and even met the pilot just like Ross as he always dreamed of 💭.


When I landed, Hari came to visit us, and I was fangirling over meeting him in person 🤩. We had dinner at a famous place called Anand Sweets. The amount of energy we had was crazier than Chandler's jokes. After dinner, some of us walked 3-4 km to see the office, even though we had seen pictures of it. Standing in front of the office name board gave me all the feels 🥹.



On Day 1 at the office, I explored every nook and corner, clicked pictures 🤳🏻, and networked with my team members and fellow interns. We played table tennis, and foosball, tried South Indian food like rasam and even rode electric bikes. It was a fun-filled week of working, ordering food, and staying up late. And let me tell you, the office was like Central Perk - comfortable, and filled with laughter 🙊.

On Day 3 We did a dry run of our celebratory $46M piece of the all-hands meeting, and to make it more authentic, we showcased 46,000,000 on balloons and poppers during a Zoom call 🎊. It was a memorable moment we all shared.

The weekend was even more exciting. We went to an adventure park called Area 83, and played team-building games. I played cricket over there may be the first time lol 🏏. And it wasn't just us interns, but also our senior colleagues like Hari, Akshay, Vaasavi, and Karthik who joined in on the fun. It was amazing to see everyone playing like kids with so much enthusiasm.


Well, I guess you could say I was the Monica of my family growing up. But then I started working with these crazy guys folks, and suddenly I was living like a Chandler in a Joey world! 🌏

Okay coming to the most awaited story...

After going on an Intern offsite, I was lucky enough to return for another onsite with my whole HEXAGON team. It seemed like fate wanted me to be in Bangalore! Despite the short duration of our stay, it was an essential trip for us to get to know each other better and work more effectively 💪🏻.


I had a great time at a party with my colleagues, and despite having only two shots 🥃, I returned to the hotel feeling completely intoxicated. Thankfully, my colleagues helped me out, and the next morning, I learned that I had mistakenly entered someone else's room and rambled on about HackerRank and my desire to merge one of my long PR right at that moment. Hearing everyone's accounts of my behavior was amusing. It was a total Joey moment, but fortunately, I didn't end up with my head stuck in a turkey like he did 🦃.

But that wasn't the only fun thing we did. I also played poker (thanks to some tips and tricks from .....) and even went on my first trek with the team. During the trek, I kept saying it would be my first and last, but it turned out to be the best and most frightening experience I've ever had. I even had chips (Blue lays are 🤌🏻) at the top of the mountain!


All in all, it was a "one with the memories" kind of trip, and I'm excited to see what other shenanigans lie ahead.

So keep your mugs ready, because I might just spill some of the tea on my next blog post. Who knows, I might even reveal some of the Chandler-esque stories that I've been keeping locked away 🤫

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